What is the best way to clean one monthly contact lens solution?

Compared to daily disposable lenses, monthly or extended usage disposable lenses have various advantages. Those with active lives may benefit from the ability to use contact lenses for longer periods. The cost of corrective lenses can also be reduced by purchasing fewer lenses.

Wearing monthly and extended-wear disposables involve taking extra precautions to keep your eyes healthy. Extended wears and monthlies, unlike daily disposables, must be washed and stored after each use. When it comes to removing as well as cleaning their contact lenses using the multipurpose solution, follow these steps: Hands should always be clean before handling corrective lenses of any sort. When washing one’s hands there under the tap, use antibacterial soap. This will protect your lenses from hazardous oil, fragrances, monthly contact lens solution, and microorganisms. Wet hands greatly increase the risk, so keep your hands dry.

Washing your hands with the dry

Lint-free towel after washing them. Taking out – Take out a contact lens from one eye. Rub – Place each contact lens in his hand’s palm. Clean the lens with a multipurpose cleaning solution. For around 30 seconds, gently rub each lens into this palm with your finger. This aids in the removal of dirt and other contaminants from the surface. Rinse – Apply another layer of multipurpose solution to your lens. This aids in the removal of any surplus contaminants that may have remained after rubbing. Place each lens in any lens case, ensuring that it is placed in the right compartment. Fill the storage chamber halfway with the storage solution and close it securely.